Career Growth – Contributor to Leader

You become what you think about all day long!

The first thing to do is decide you want career growth and go from a contributor to a leader in your chosen field.

Once you have decided it is about getting your mindset into gear.

My Thinking Into Results program is all about Personal and Career Growth working with the mindset and how understanding your mind is crucial in moving forward.

You have a conscious mind which has the ability to accept or reject any idea you have. So, your idea here is to become a leader.

The subconscious mind only has the ability to accept and creates 96-98% of what is happening within your world.

All the good and bad that happen in your life are due to paradigms (habits) that are fixed in your subconscious mind. So if you want to change, you must change your paradigm about who you are.

Using the law of attraction, you can attract anything to you by becoming emotionally involved with the ideas you create in your conscious mind. I can tell you the subconscious mind is where you are emotionally involved.

Dr. Thurman Fleet created the stick person back in 1934 because there is no picture of the mind. Once you understand your mind, you will understand that you can have anything you want.


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