How to IMPROVE Your Confidence

There are a few simple ways you can improve your confidence starting today.

Listen to Your Language

Did you ever hear your mother say when you were little, listen to the way you are talking?? Exactly, well start to listen to yourself when you are talking. You will hear yourself be positive in some ways and negative in others. Change those negative things you are talking about, especially when you are talking about yourself. Observing your own language and changing words that require changing will improve your confidence. Words have the ability to create or destroy.

Know Your Images

We have 2 images of ourselves. We have an outer image and that is how we walk, talk, eat, dress and move. The other image is our inner image. That is how we see ourselves. Improve that image of yourself and start to love who you really are.

Don’t Take Things Personally

Don’t take everything personally. Understand that how people talk is from their own experiences and they are not talking about you. Often we lose confidence from taking things personally.

Upgrade Your Environment

Take a look around you. What is your home like, workplace, friends, and social media? Do you need to declutter things around you? Make your home neater and throw out things that don’t serve you anymore. Does your desk need a tidy? Does your social media account need a cull?

Your environment affects you more than you can imagine.

Write down things you have already achieved

Write a list of all the things you have achieved over the past 12 months.

Most of the time we don’t acknowledge our own achievements.

Taking time to see what we have achieved boosts our confidence.


Have belief in your abilities.

You can auto-suggest things to yourself that can become a belief. Your mind works in powerful ways so understanding the power of the conscious mind to have ideas and then the subconscious mind is where the belief happens. Once you believe you will notice your behaviour changes. When your behaviour changes, so do your results.


When you start to invest time and effort into yourself, you will be surprised at how your confidence changes. Once you have improved your confidence, then it’s about maintaining that confidence so you can get the best out of life and set yourself up for success.

You are your biggest asset!


Live Life By Design – Shelley Langan