How to maintain CONFIDENCE in a CRISIS

Most of us tend to lose confidence when in a crisis situation. Outside circumstances take control and we become affected by what we see and hear.

Some of you may have heard that we are affected by our 5 senses. That is so very true.

Learn to not be affected by your 5 senses.

Find out the ways to not be affected by what people say.

Are you affected by what you see, how you think, and your past limiting beliefs?

To really maintain confidence in a crisis, look at the following tips:-

  1. Be aware of what is really happening
  2. Stay focused on the task at hand
  3. Control your thoughts and don’t let your mind wander
  4. Change your perspective to something more positive
  5. Don’t listen to what people are saying
  6. Believe in your abilities
  7. Know your worth
  8. Understand change is everywhere
  9. Take your time and think before acting
  10. Respond don’t react

Change is inevitable, Personal Growth & Personal Development is a choice!

You are in control of yourself more than you realise. Take the time to know who you really are and make that investment to become a better version of yourself. Learn how to improve your confidence and maintain confidence before a crisis strikes with confidence coaching. For more information on my confidence & personal development packages, visit my packages page or schedule a free 30 minute coaching session to see if we’d be a good fit!


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