Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

True Story…

My youngest daughter had been accused of bullying.

The parents of the other child sent my daughter a text message threatening her. They threatened that if she did not stop, they would talk to the school and us (her parents).

Some of the parents of the other children within the group came to us saying that our daughter had not bullied anyone. In fact, she was standing up for the group. Without a doubt, was correct in what she was saying.

Here are the questions for you to think about.

We had a choice to go to the police. We would have had every right to do so, but in this case, we chose not to. Instead, we decided to let it be and let the girls work it out themselves.

Our daughter had to deal with it and at times, she had been looked upon by others as a bully.

Now if we had gone to the police, our daughter would have looked like the victim.

Now doesn’t that change the equation of the story!!!

A simple change of perspective in anything you do can totally change the way you and others see things.

So when things aren’t working out for you, or the day has turned upside down, what can you do? If the results of your goals are not what you want, how can you see things differently? What if you are feeling like things are never going to change, what can you do?

Yes, to put things differently, stop and think for a minute. Of course, you can change your perspective.

Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life!