My 7 Secrets to being a Confident Woman

Have you ever walked into a room and looked around and saw a woman that just owns the floor? You can’t keep your eyes off her and you hear your inner voice saying “I want to be just like her?” There are several traits to a confident woman and your own self-worth would have to be the most important. No one is perfect and there is definitely no harm in improving yourself. Here are 7 secrets of mine to help you improve your confidence as a woman and own your space.

Shelley xx

1. Self Worth

A confident woman knows her worth and what she contributes to the world, always surrounding herself with like-minded people. A confident woman doesn’t tolerate negative behaviour towards her and is willing to remove toxic people or things from her life that do not bring her happiness! Confident women do not stay in relationships or careers and continue to put energy where they are underappreciated or under-valued.  She builds people up and brings them along with her by complimenting her fellow peers and often willing to put the spotlight on somebody else, instead of herself! She doesn’t compare herself to other women and encourages others as she supports herself. Love who you are and love yourself first.

2. Self Improvement

The confident woman knows she is not perfect and is always looking for ways to improvement herself through personal development and growth. With our changing world of technology and the ways of doing things she is always growing in educating herself and improving her knowledge. She owns her own desires for learning and is confident without judging herself for needing or wanting to improve. It is a craving within her that is always there.

3. Clear Goals

The confident woman knows her path moving forward and is dedicated to her vision. No matter what she wants to achieve she has a clear pathway with an action plan to achieve her desired goal. She has the confidence to believe in herself and does not second guess herself.  Self-doubt and failure are not part of the confident woman’s vocabulary. The confident woman writes down her goals daily and achieves what is on her list. Action equals results!

4. Not Afraid to say ‘No’

Many people are afraid to say ‘no’ for fear of hurting other people’s feelings. They tend to do things that they really don’t want to do. The confident woman isn’t afraid of standing up for herself and saying ‘no’ when whatever is being offered does not suit her schedule or just does not interest her. She is not being rude, she is saying ‘no’ for herself. Why waste your time and energy on doing something you really don’t want to be doing when you could be doing something else that interests you more?

5. Positive Mindset

The confident woman focuses on the positive elements in life and doesn’t let the negativity of others affect her. Although she knows not everything goes to plan, her main objective is to focus on the positive and if there is a negative to any situation, she will not allow herself to be in a negative state for too long. Her strength is to change her mindset to look for the opportunity perspective in any given situation and not allow it to control her mind for any length of time. Practice waking up and continually start your day on a positive note and expecting good things to happen in your day. “What I think is what I create!” If you think negative thoughts you will create negativity into your life. If you continue to think positively, positive results will happen. You will attract positive people, careers, relationships and more.

6. Listen to Your Own Language

The confident woman listens to her own language when speaking to others. She knows that words have the power to create and also to destroy. She chooses her words when talking to others to encourage those pushing forward with their goals and creates a positive environment for those who may look up to her as a mentor. She also knows that words can destroy someone’s confidence or dreams. She uplifts people around her and pulls them along with her positive behaviour and language.

7. Don’t Take Anything Personally

The confident woman knows that when people speak, it comes from their own experiences and that it is not about her. She knows to listen and refer the conversation back to the owner. She also knows to ask questions to fully understand the content of the conversation if she is not completely sure. This is a learnt behaviour usually when the confident woman does self-development to better her understanding of herself and others.