How Decluttering can help boost your confidence

One of the ways that decluttering can change your life is it helps you move on from the past and into the present.

It helps you to not only clear the mess but also process and come to terms with whatever happened in your past relationships, previous jobs and ventures that didn’t work out.

Why is Decluttering important?

Decluttering goes far beyond improving the aesthetics of your home or work space. It’s essential to both your physical and mental wellbeing. When you clear the excess clutter out of your life, you will notice the positive effects it has on your mental state and overall wellness.

So for the sake of your overall health and happiness, take the time to declutter your life and start seeing the positive changes that occur.

How Decluttering affects our happiness?

Clutter has a negative impact on our lives. It can make us feel stressed out, depressed, and anxious. Clutter hides dirt and decay; it can be an unhealthy environment. Your mind and body both know this and it will remain uncomfortable until you resolve the situation.

Everyone has some degree of clutter in their lives, but when clutter becomes unwieldy, it can actually start taking a toll on both your physical and mental health. Decluttering isn’t just a way to take control of your physical space, it’s also a way to achieve happiness.

So here’s my Decluttering tip for you. Take it easy, so as they say baby steps are important. Celebrate when you’ve made the jumpstart and enjoy!

1. Declutter Your Wardrobe

Decluttering your wardrobe is a powerful step forward as you are discarding the old and welcoming the new.

Please go through your wardrobe and discard any clothes that you don’t wear any more. There may be clothes that are too big, too small, are not in fashion anymore or your style has changed.

Celebrate as you declutter because all these items of clothing are a part of the younger you. Celebrate them as you are going to donate them to charity where somebody else can benefit from you decluttering your wardrobe.

Then re-organise your space so that it makes you feel happy when you look in your wardrobe. Remove any items on the floor, clean out your drawers full of underwear, socks and don’t forget your shoes.

This may take a few goes but keep at it. You will get there! Keep going!

By doing this decluttering in your wardrobe, allows you to purchase something new for yourself. A new item of clothing that represents who you are today.

2. Declutter Your Bathroom and En-suite

Go through your bathroom and ensuite and discard any unused items or items that are old. Go through your make up (make up has a used by date) and discard anything old. Give everything a good wiping over.

Replace items that need replacing and organise your space the way you want it to be. Give your space a fresh smell with some nice flowers or a spray of room scent.

I love to buy myself some beautiful soap and use that in the shower. Pick out something for you that makes you feel special and use that in your bathroom.


3. Clean Out My Kitchen

Your kitchen is an important room in your house. This room is where family and friends gather together and talk, cook and have a meal together.

This room is where a lot of people manifest many opportunities into their lives because it is the place where people come together and chat.

Clean out the cupboards and get rid of any unused or broken utensils such as pots that you don’t use and electrical items that are broken. Once the cupboards are empty, wipe the insides the cupboards and doors.

Wipe over the benches and down the doors. Put the items you are keeping back into the cupboards.

Open the windows to blow away any negative energy. Light a candle for a refreshing smell. Maybe buy yourself some lovely flowers and display them on your bench.

4. Declutter Your Social Media

Social Media has a huge influence without us even knowing. Look at the types of people you are following and what are they telling you. Do you need to follow as many people that you currently are?

Delete any people or groups that may no longer serve any purpose. Delete any negative and depressing vibes. Choose to follow some happy and positive influences. Go through your emails and delete any that are old or passed their use-by date.

Emails accumulate easily and regularly. Delete any email addresses that are not necessary any more.  The more you get rid of the easier it will be to find what you are looking for in the future.

Go through your phone and delete contacts that you don’t see or talk to any more. By removing negative influences from your social media and phone contacts opens up room for receiving the positive influences in your life.

5. Clean Out Your Car

Your car is where you are travelling to so don’t take any excess rubbish with you. Get rid of anything lying around that does not belong in your car and take particular note of what you have in the boot or back of your car. You don’t want any excess baggage weighing you down.

6. Declutter The Rest of Your Home

At your own pace, declutter your lounge room, dining room, and any other rooms in your house you haven’t yet decluttered. Get rid of any unwanted or unused items and give everything a thorough wiping over and remember,

What I THINK is what I CREATE.

What I IMAGINE is what I BECOME.

What I FEEL is what I ATTRACT.