How to CREATE a LIFE You LOVE: Tips from a Top Life Coach for Women

There is nothing better than living effortlessly and of course, a life that you have designed just for yourself.

For many years it was a dream of mine to live my life on my terms and not what everyone else wanted me to do. It took time and lots of money in coaching to achieve that, so here are my top tips.


Sit down and write out, like a shopping list, everything you really want. Be extravagant, luxurious, and adventurous, and don’t leave anything out because you think you don’t deserve it. This is only a list and so write down those big dreamy things you want like first-class travel, holidays in the Bahamas, designer handbags, offices in Manhattan, the house, the car, the 10x income, or it could even be the husband!

Your Dreamy Goal

Choose one thing you have never achieved that you really want and write it out as a goal. It must scare you and every time you think about it, it makes you think who am I to become to achieve this?

Write your goal out like this. I am so happy and grateful now that I ……


How you see yourself and what you think you deserve is the biggest reason why people don’t achieve things. Self-image, self-worth, and self-confidence.

You have 2 images of yourself. The outer image is how you walk, talk, eat, and dress and it is how others see you. The other image of yourself is your inner image and it is how you see yourself. It is that inner critic that says you are not good enough, you don’t serve this and that, and is always what holds you back.

Look in the mirror every morning and say “I am Prosperity”. By doing this, you will start to believe you are worthy of having prosperity in your life which is having it all.


Develop a rock star attitude. Your attitude is a composite of 3 things. Your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Your attitude towards yourself and your life will determine the results you achieve.


Never stop reading or studying

The more knowledge you have the more confidence you have.

Get yourself a coach!

Stop procrastinating and make the decision to invest in yourself. Your coach is going to be your lifeline to creating the life you want.

Find a coach that really knows about the mind and how it all works so that you can overcome obstacles forever and achieve what you truly desire.

Here is a link to my coaching programs. Don’t forget to schedule a call with me. Look forward to seeing you on the inside.